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Author Topic: Those Who Came Before  (Read 15 times)
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« on: March 20, 2017, 03:25:01 PM »

 I've decided to write a fanfic for this site. Now please note that this is my first attempt at fanfiction so please go easy on me and also note that I writing this on a tablet.

Chapter 1: The Vault

A ball rolled across the grass at high speeds only to slow to a stop before being kicked again by a small pink paw. The paw belonged to a young rat. This rat's name was Tim and from appearances he seemed to be no older than 10.

Tim was a young and curious Morph that loved to explore and learn new things. Currently he was out in a field near his home, his parents sometimes allowed him to explore outside as long as he didn't stray to far. Tim was currently bored and hoped that playing with a ball would at least sate his boredom but it seems to be failing spectacularly.

"Why can't something exciting happen?" Tim said to himself as he continued to wander through the field. Its been over a year since the incident with the Orb of Storms and nothing new or exciting has happened and Tim grew bored quickly.

When the Orb of Storms was stolen it caused a lot of panic. Tim remembered seeing a Fox, Elk and Boar walking into his home when this crisis was occuring. All 3 of those morphs questioned his father on information on who may have stolen the orb and even asked about the Rat Tribe's history and their knowledge on the ancient humans, they even manegd to trick his dad allowing the fox to slip past not once but twice. A few days later Tim heard that the orb was found only to be lost for good this time.

After that the Morphs went back to their everday lives and Tim grew bored again. His father doesn't spend as much time with him as he used to and mom isnt around anymore, she died from an illness when Tim was only a baby.

Tim always had a fascination with the humans and sometimes wondered what happened to them. There are a lot of different answers depending on which Morph you ask, some say that the humans all died out and went extinct, others would say that they ascended into the sky in their flying machines and some say that they just up and vanished. Tim didnt really know Who to believe he always thought the humans where still around just hiding.

He kicked his ball again only fo it to sail through the air and roll into a large hole in thd ground. "Great" he said. Tim walked to the edge of hole and peered down it. The inside of the hole was filled with black nothingness. As Tim got a little closer to the hole he tripped over a exposed tree root and fell in screaming as darkness consumed him.

Tim hit the ground with a thud as he felt a sharp pain in his left leg. It took him moment regain his senses. After he did he looked around and noticed he was in some underground cave, he looked up and noticed a hole in the ceiling of the cave where he fell in daylight could be seen. Tim got up and tried to call for help but no one answered. Deciding to try and and find his way out he started to walk deeper into the cave while trying not to put to much pressure on his leg. After walking for a few minutes Tim noticed a light up ahead. Thinking it was the way out he smiled and continue d forward only lose his smile after seeing what laid before him.

What laid before him was not the outside world but instead a massive white door made of metal illuminated by strange bright lights that definitely didn't look like torches. Tim had never seen such a sight before but if from the color of the door and the fact that it was made from an unknown metal he guessed that it was made by the humans. His dad told him a lot of stories about how when he was younger he would visit ancient human ruins. His dad said that many of the buildings built by the humans where white in color and where made from an unknown metal that seems to be able stand the tests of time and remain perfectly preserved as if they where just built. He also said that many of these ruins where filled strange lights and sounds.

Tim continued to stare at the massive white door, this being the first time he ever seen human architecture before. Out of curiosity he placed his hand on the door, it felt cold to the touch. Just then the ground shook and with a loud groan the door opened releasing a thick mist from its interior.  After the door fully opened and the cold mist vanished, Tim stared into the interior of the door and saw a long hallway coated in frost. With no other option on how to get out of this cave Tim decided to take his chances and procceded to limp down to frost covered metal hallway illuminated by eerie blue lights wondering what he has gotten himself into.
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