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1  The Labyrinth of Time Forums / General The Labyrinth of Time Forum / Whiskey Bottle on: October 13, 2016, 11:58:42 PM
It could be a glitch, it could be intentional, but the whiskey bottle has a secret function.

As we know, a helmet is required to go back over the mountain road with the falling rocks, and when we use it, we get the message "good thing you wore protective head gear" and we're free to pass. A few times playing this, I got this message going over the road the first time with no helmet instead of getting the expected message "you barely avoid getting hit by a rock". The game would act like I was wearing a helmet when I had none in my inventory, and I was free to double back as much as I wanted to instead of getting the message "You decide those rocks are no match for your head." I could never track down why this was happening until just a few months ago.

What's happening here turns out to be good old liquid courage. If you "use" the whiskey bottle, it acts just like a helmet, and this "glitch" is in both versions of the game. Considering TLoT's cheesy humor, it would be... serendipitous if this was just a fluke and wasn't at least a little deliberate. Intentional or not, it's a wonderful Easter egg.

Has anyone else noticed this? All the walk-throughs and strategy guides I've read online say the whiskey bottle serves no purpose.
2  The Labyrinth of Time Forums / The Labyrinth of Time Bug Reports / What's THAT in the elevator?! (Some spoilers...) on: July 14, 2007, 07:15:42 PM
Three bugs come to mind that I've noticed and have not been mentioned on this board as far as I know...

The first bug is in the elevator. After I step inside from the Hotel and move up to the second level, if I look to my right, rather than seeing the wall, I see a close up of the "Slade and Barcher" door.

The second has to do with the section of the Labyrinth with the falling rocks. Sometimes, I can't seem to find a pattern to tell me when it'll happen, when I pass through for the first time, rather than "You barely avoid getting hit by a rock", it'll say "Good thing you wore protective head gear" as if I had found the helmet already.

I wouldn't be surprised if these glitches were somehow the result of me not taking very good care of my copy of the game. (I'll probably have to buy another copy...)

The third is something I just found, and I guess it isn't something technical, but story wise. After the shirt is put in the laundry chute, and the newspaper is dropped off, history changes, and all the information on the comptuers in the museum and library change accordingly, except for the excerpt on Maddigan. Even after Professor Garret's discoveries in the Mayan Ziggurat, the computer entry says "If the map existed, it must have been buried with him because no one ever came back with the Mayan Treasures" In the "revised" history, Garret found the map and used it to find the Talisman.

I still love this game, even if it's not perfect  cheesy...
3  The Labyrinth of Time Forums / General The Labyrinth of Time Forum / Re: So who was it? (Some spoilers...) on: July 14, 2007, 05:56:19 PM
It seems implausible that Professor Garret, who was so devoted to looking into this Sorcerer King stuff in Uxmal, would bother to take a trip to Crete to see the tomb, even if it was his friend's discovery. It's not like today, where he could just take a flight out to Europe. He'd have to go by sea, which reminds me, there's a good chance that Professor Garret made his discoveries on (or really close to) the same day the RMS Titanic struck the iceberg and sank into the ocean.
4  The Labyrinth of Time Forums / General The Labyrinth of Time Forum / So who was it? (Some spoilers...) on: July 11, 2007, 09:00:01 PM
I've noticed a lot of websites, including the Wikipedia page on TLoT, saying it is Professor Garret's lying outside of King Minos's tomb... wouldn't be his friend, Cornelius Lyons? The library files on Garret suggest he committed suicide in the "original" time line, and probably died of natural causes in 1978 after retiring in the "revised" time line. Do I have it all wrong, or am I on to something?

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