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Title: Sapient Plague ( All Comments Here Please) 2018 version
Post by: cairn destop on September 16, 2018, 07:01:08 PM
I welcome any and all comments and will reply to your questions.  First chapter goes up 09/24/2018.  Hope you'll read and enjoy.  Chapters to be released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week for eight weeks.

Title: Re: Sapient Plague ( All Comments Here Please) 2018 version
Post by: cairn destop on September 24, 2018, 06:51:35 AM
It seems my first chapter was too long for the site.  I had to break it into two segments.  Anyway, part one is posted and I anticipate posting the other chapter around the same time.

As always, you can either post your comments, compliments, insults, or observations on this thread or via PM.  I will answer any and all posts.

Title: Re: Sapient Plague ( All Comments Here Please) 2018 version
Post by: cairn destop on October 08, 2018, 06:55:33 AM
Sometimes it's a good thing to check your profile.  I had an e-mail address that went to a defunct site.  So embarrassed.  That's been fixed.  If you used that old link, suggest you retry using the Gmail link.

Title: Re: Sapient Plague ( All Comments Here Please) 2018 version
Post by: cairn destop on October 26, 2018, 09:01:54 AM
The latest story thread had me thinking.  If it came out earlier, this revision would be illogical.  However, I can see how it might fit into the comic.  One reason why is the comic about Rhene and her encounter with Prince.  There is also the content of that message, which hints at events yet to unfold.  For that reason, I give you a short outtake to the current comic thread.  As always, comments welcomed.


The old hare stood outside the closed door, reluctant to disturb the room’s occupant.  Than he remembered it was that very morph who insisted they meet at this time when most others slept.  He raised his fist and rapped on the doorframe.  He prepared to hit it a bit harder when Elara’s muffled voice spoke.  Though he couldn’t tell what the wildcat said, he took it as permission to enter.

“You wished to see me, High Priestess?”

She stood at the far end of the room besides the lit fireplace.  Her desk stood between them, clean and organized as always.  Elara turned and took her accustomed place behind the desk.  Her paw waved him inside and she pointed to the chair offered to dignitaries.

“We can no longer deny facts.  When leverets come to our sanctuary with replacement Orbs, it is time to acknowledge that we no longer have the Orb of Storms.”

The hare nodded.  “It was inevitable, though I see no reason for such a clandestine meeting.  It changes nothing, High Priestess.”

Elara stared at the old hare.  Though she was selected to lead the Sanctuary, its daily operations fell under the purview of the hares.  This fellow led the hares and gained that position early in the reign of her predecessor. 

“You cannot be that blind.  Don’t you know what has happened over the last two weeks?”

The hare maintained his composure.  He didn’t want to give any credence to the latest events and had hoped to forestall this confrontation.  It seemed Elara was more aware than he knew.  The fellow remained silent.

“I have read the letters,” she said.  “I know the boars and elk have delayed delivery of the wood while the rats and river otters withhold the stone need to build the Sanctuary.  Our ferret construction consultants have returned home due to what their leader calls other priorities.  And need I remind you what happened to our emissary when she visited Prince?  Such things never happened in the past.”

“Elara, you make minor things seem monumental.  Step back and seek perspective.”

“This Sanctuary has held the power to control kings.  None dared to do anything without our permission.  Armies could not fight in quagmires we unleashed.  Everyone feared a poor harvest or the destructive forces we commanded.  The missing Orb of Storms changed everything.  We are losing our diplomatic leadership now that we have no means of backing our power plays.”

The old hare was taken aback.  Their High Priestess was more aware than he thought.  How she got to see those letters baffled him.  He always intercepted any communications from the major morph kingdoms and read them before passing them to her.  When he read them, they didn’t seem so dire.  Perhaps he was getting too old for this game of kings.

Elara picked up a thick envelope.  “This came today by special currier from the porcupine Chairwoman.”

The hare snorted.  “That ancient relic holds no importance in royal matters.  Her clan handles business deals and her arbitrators act as a civil court.  We have ignored such a minor clan since our founding as unworthy of our time.  True, they serve a valid purpose but not when it comes to policy.”

“You’re right,” said Elara.  “Before now, none ever opened their letters.  We used any message from their leader as nothing more than kindling for the night’s fire.”

Elara picked up the dagger sitting on the corner of her desk.  With a deft paw, she slid the blade under the waxy seal and twisted it.  Parts of the shattered seal dropped on her desk.  She ignored the mess as she opened the letter.

Title: Re: Sapient Plague ( All Comments Here Please) 2018 version
Post by: cairn destop on November 14, 2018, 07:22:55 AM
As you know, the final chapter goes up on November 15, 2018.  I intended to include the epilogue with that upload as a way of closing all open threads, however, plans have changed.  Anticipate the Epilogue on Monday the 19th.

If anyone is curious, the comment thread for the original version is still available for viewing on this site.  The story is gone forever.

My last note, if you wish to comment on this or any story I've posted, go ahead.  I will respond.