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Title: Fanmade Lore: Lunarians (Please Comment)
Post by: Kaijugod on May 01, 2018, 01:33:53 PM
The Lunarians, also known as Moon People are the people living on the Moon. Despite being called Lunarians they are actually the modern day descendants of Humans who fled to the Moon over a thousand years ago to escape the Great Plague which wiped out most of their ancestors.

Technology: In terms of technology the Lunarians are far more advanced than their ancestors. Having over a thousand years to improve their ancestors already advanced technology. Having drones that are capable of traveling from the Moon to Earth and back again, as well as many other technological marvels.

Why don't they return: The reason why the Lunarians haven't returned to Earth yet is because they believe that the plague that nearly destroyed their ancestors is still on the planet and they fear that if they returned to Earth they could end up bringing the plague back to the Moon where it would finish what it started.

Knowledge on the Morphs: Apparently the Lunarians are well informed about the Morphs currently living on Earth. Having sent many automated drones down to the planet and have been observing the Morph's daily lives for years now.

For now this is all I could make. But this will be updated in the future. Please tell me what you think of this and feel free to ask me any questions.