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Title: Long time passing (and a lot of changes)
Post by: Corvus on March 29, 2017, 01:37:17 AM
Every so often I'll have a chance to point someone this way to investigate The Labyrinth of Time and I am reminded of how long it has been. Apparently someone called Nightdive bought the rights to the game to distribute it on Steam? I wasn't expecting that, and I've eschewed directing people toward that download mostly out of my own confusion as to who would be getting paid.

A lot has changed for me as well, to the point where when I show people the Adventurer's Guide for LoT, I have to say, "Yes, that was my name." It still puts a smile on my face to see it there, available for purchase, something I was able to create and contribute to the old game I still love so much. It does seem folks are finding the game through Steam, but that doesn't lead them here where I can talk with them. A shame, that.

I do miss talking with folks here who loved the game as much as I do. Someone was trying to recreate the game in another engine... I wonder what happened with that. Was there ever any real chance for a sequel? What else has Wyrmkeep done -- did those RPG books mentioned in an announcement ever come to fruition? Is Joe still here?

Title: Re: Long time passing (and a lot of changes)
Post by: WyrmMaster on April 04, 2017, 03:41:16 PM
Night Dive is licensing The Labyrinth of Time from Wyrmkeep Entertainment for distribution on Steam.